Cameo Global believer of Customer Contact Forum Belgium, that is part of Cameo Global has already a vast experience in implementing Contact Center technology. Besides the traditional onsite implementations Cameo Global offers a Cloud version for companies who’d rather not invest in infrastructure.

Why did Cameo Global become a Customer Contact Forum Believer?

  • Because we believe in mutual exchange, exchange of knowledge, experience, ideas.
  • Because we want to get to know the CC world, the specificities of the business to see if we can help to find an answer to the challenges of the members.

Cameo Global, as IT and telecom integrator, has a strong focus on Cisco. The challenge for us is translating the technological solutions and possibilities into usable, useful concepts for companies both around contact center and collaboration.

Would you also like to get acquainted with the CC forum? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we are more than happy to invite you for one of their events.


The Customer Contact Forum is a physical and digital platform that brings people together in a goal-oriented way to learn from colleagues in an accessible, interactive and playful way. The Forum is aimed at everyone within the sector of customer contact.

Customer Contact Forum offers everything you would expect from a community. Contact professionals can share their knowledge at CCForum, learn from each other and experience that they are never alone. We organize live forums where we visit a customer contact department. This department has a certain expertise and is not afraid to share it. During this live forum, attendees can ask questions to local staff, there are mini-workshops, a guided tour, time for a casual chat.