Cisco Webex Calling

A phone service in the cloud

Webex Calling gives you a complete phone service in the cloud, allowing you to make and receive calls on any device, anywhere. It lets you keep your operations running with powerful cloud calling features and saves you the costly overhead of a physical business phone system. With Webex Calling you can manage all your services, users, and security in one place.

Cisco Webex Calling

“Webex Calling is made for use at home, office, and everywhere in between.”



With Webex Calling you are always protected, with it’s built-in security you don’t have to think about changing settings to stay updated.

One easy-to-manage
central app

Webex Calling lets you operate and manage from anywhere with one central cloud app for all your administrative needs.

PBX system

With Webex Calling you can create extension numbers, direct inward dialing (DID) numbers, directory URIs (email style addresses), or directory-based dialing.


With Webex Calling you can securely message team members one-on-one and in a group, share files and content, work on digital whiteboards and more.

Powerful cloud
calling features

You will never miss an important call. With features like shared lines, hunt groups, call waiting, hold/resume, pickup, forward and do not disturb and transfer, you’ll be prepared for every situation.

Bring your
own carrier

Cameo Global Webex Calling comes with telephone services included, if you prefer to stay with your own service provider, that is possible too.


Webex Calling lets you welcome your callers with a virtual receptionist and personalized voice mailboxes.

Keep your business operations running, anywhere

The whole world’s working more from home, remotely, or transitioning back and forth. It’s the new norm and you need the right tools that allow you to do this. These tools need to be flexible, secure and need to support easy collaboration. With Webex Calling you get the ultimate cloud calling solution that allows you to keep your business operations running, anywhere.

“Switch easily between a call and a full-featured meeting.”

Powerful cloud calling features

With Webex Calling you get powerful cloud calling features that help you stay connected anywhere, making sure there is zero disruption to your business.

  • Record important calls to transcribe, listen back to, or share with other team members.
  • Transfer or merge calls seamlessly or go from one-on-one to a conference call with the push of a button.
  • Move your call quickly from one device to another without missing a word.

Connect and collaborate

  • Chat to others directly or in team chat rooms with rich text and expressive messaging.
  • Send and receive important messages and files. Read and respond to them immediately or flag them to follow up later.
  • Easily track all your conversations. Messages are saved in the same space as where you meet.

Webex Calling vs Microsoft Teams

Completeness of Experience

Webex CallingMicrosoft Teams
Complete native vendor suite for calling, meetings, teams, contact center and devicesComplete solution with tight integrations between Webex Calling, Meetings, Teams, Devices and Contact Center.Third party contact center applications, phones and gateways.
Interoperable across entire collaboration suite included unified client, phones, headsets, video endpoints and co-creation devicesYesNo
Unified client experience for calling, meetings and teamsYesDisparate experiences if users have Skype for Business calling on premises but use Teams for other features.
Integrated Device Portfolio (Phones, Headsets, Video Endpoints)YesRely on third party devices.
Integrated Co-Creation Devices (Whiteboard)YesYes
Cognitive Collaboration – advanced AI for meetings participants​Webex Meetings includes People Insights delivering comprehensive, real-time business and professional profiles of meeting participants within the meetings experience.No
Contact CenterYesNo
Integrated Calling Quality Service Assurance Tools IncludedWebex Calling provides the ability for the partner and or customer to view site by site media quality. Browser based pre-qualification bandwidth and port testing tool also included.Only shows the percentage of good, bad, or marginal calls. No drill down.
Specialized Large Enterprise Solutions – Optional Single Instance ArchitectureHCS offers customers the option of single instance architecture if desired.No

Public Telephone Network Connectivity (PSTN)

Webex CallingMicrosoft Teams
Bring Your Own PSTN OptionYesYes
Tools to reduce PSTN costs and wideband audio usageWith Webex Edge Audio: Decouples PSTN from Webex to create a VoIP path for Cisco Unified Communications Manager registered devices. Uses the company’s own PSTN for other devices with no change in user behavior.No
Retain your trusted service provider or VAR partnerYesLimited


Webex CallingMicrosoft Teams
End to End Customer SupportRobust solution support for the entire portfolio including calling, meetings, teams and devices.Rely on third party devices.
Single administrative login for calling, meetings, teams, phones and headsetsAll applications, provisioning and configuration done through a single pane of glass with Control Hub.Third party devices for phones and headsets. Limited support in MS Portal.

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