Cisco Webex Board: Work smarter together in teams

With Cisco Webex Board, you have an all-in-one touchscreen device collaboration solution for teamworking and team meetings. You can present wireless, start HD video calls, automatically call team members, keep video and audio conferences, draw and many more.

~ Cisco Webex Board (formerly also known as Cisco Spark Board).

Also, with Cisco Webex Teams solutions and applications, you can connect to your virtual teams outside of your meeting room, using the devices of your choice. With Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Whiteboard you are assured of a continuous workflow at meetings.

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Cisco Webex Meetings is the best meeting solution in its kind and Cisco Webex Board is ideal for meeting rooms in schools, offices and for businesses. Do you also want to know what impact Cisco Webex Board can have for your meetings?

Available models:

  • Cisco Webex Board 55
    Screen: 55-inch edge LED LCD
    Camera: 83-degree field of view
  • Cisco Webex Board 70
    Screen: 70-inch edge LED LCD
    Camera: 83-degree field of view

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Cisco Webex Board best in class

For every meeting room when making an impact matters

Cisco Webex Board

Cisco Webex Board RedDot AwardGet started with Cisco Webex Board and take full advantage in-room values and virtual collaboration for your organization, institution or company. The Spark Board is ideal for as a digital whiteboard for working with a team, whether you work together from one space or from different locations. Automatically start HD video or voice calls, share your work, presentation, documents and whiteboard sketches in 4K UHD.

Cisco Webex Board is the next-gen all-in-one device and solution for any meeting!


Cisco Whiteboard – designed for collaboration

Cisco Webex Board provides you with a user-friendly, touchscreen-based, high-quality collaboration experience. In this Spark Board, the most common tools and applications for team collaboration are integrated.

4K camera and high resolution of imaging

The powerful 4K camera in Spark Board offers high-resolution images and a large viewing angle of almost the entire meeting room in your office, school or company. The dynamic framework gives you the best view of all the people your the meeting room.

Cisco Webex Board automatically intelligent activity

Cisco Webex Board automatically activates when you enter the conference room, detects your device using the Cisco Webex Teams app, and activates (for example, calling, writing on your whiteboard or sharing a wireless presentation). The app also lets you control Cisco Webex Board via your mobile device.

Clear audio and sound

A set of 12-element microphones reinforces, all built-in and each element automatically modulates the voice of each speaker. This allows all participants to be understandable, even when they are in the back of the meeting room. Because the microphones are also built in, everything stays pretty and cable-free.

Spark Board in connections with your team

Everything you and your team create on Cisco Webex Board can be stored in the cloud and linked to a virtual meeting room. This allows your team to virtual access through the Cisco Webex Teams app. This allows team members to continue working from the point at which they left the meeting room (whenever and wherever they want).

Cisco Webex Boards

Everything teams need for messages, meetings, and calls. Always available. And the only one backed by Cisco security and reliability.

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Cisco Certified Premier Partner in Cisco Webex Board

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