FortiWeb Web Application Firewall

Fortinet Web Application Firewall

FortiWeb, also known as the Fortinet Web Application Firewall, provides comprehensive and high-performance web application security. FortiWeb is available as hardware or virtual solution.

For hackers, the easiest entry points are unprotected web applications causing your network to become vulnerable to a number of attack types. The correlated and multi-layered approach used by FortiWeb protects your web application from DoS attacks, malicious sources and sophisticated threats such as cookie poisoning, SQL injection, buffer overflows and cross-site scripting.

FortiWeb Comprehensive Web Application Security

FortiWeb provides comprehensive web application security to protect your network the best way possible. DoS detection and prevention keep your web applications safe from being overloaded by Layer 7 DoS attacks. By making use of IP reputation services, botnets and other malicious sources are automatically filtered before they can do any damage to your IT environment. Furthermore, FortiWeb makes use of a correlation engine where multiple events from different security layers are correlated. This helps the system to make a more accurate decision and protects the network against the most sophisticated attacks. The combination of all these features provide optimal protection against any web application attack, including zero-day threats.

FortiWeb Vulnerability Scanning

FortiWeb is the only web application security solution to include a web application vulnerability scanner in every appliance. This comes at no extra cost and helps you to meet PCI DSS compliance. Vulnerability scanning from FortiWeb takes a close look into all application elements to scan for potential security weaknesses in your applications. Thanks to regular updates from FortiGate Labs, FortiWeb Vulnerability scanning is always up-to-date.

FortiWeb WAF Models

Cameo Global supplies, implements and manages all kind of FortiWeb solutions. We have the following FortiWeb models available:

  • FortiWeb 100D

  • FortiWeb 400D

  • FortiWeb 600D

  • FortiWeb 1000D

  • FortiWeb 2000E

  • FortiWeb 3000E

  • FortiWeb 3010E

  • FortiWeb 4000E

  • FortiWeb VM

Fortinet Silver Partner

Fortinet Certified Silver Partner in FortiWeb Web Application Firewall

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We are specialized in FortiWeb Web Application Firewall, offer competitive pricing and make sure you are always powered by our premium managed services for FortiWeb Web Application Firewall.

So, if your business is in need of a FortiWeb Web Application Firewall. Be sure to contact us and experience what we can do for you. Download our factsheet or request online your FortiWeb Web Application Firewall price quote, we are more than happy to be of assistance.

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