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Wide range of high-end multipurpose 19 inch racks for the most challenging applications of cabling, networking and servers. We are your supplier when it comes down to premium Saifor solutions and racks. Cameo Global has IT specialists in data centers, control rooms, control consoles, technical furniture, racks, cabinets and cabling management and project management.

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Cameo Global helps big and small companies in purchasing your racks, cabinets and solutions from SAIFOR. We offer a best-price policy and make sure that you will make the best deal in pricing and a solution for your needs. Be sure to check out our pricing and get a free quotation.

Our best price policy
In addition to giving you the best purchase deal in Saifor racks and Saifor cabinets. We also deliver consultancy, implementation and maintenance peripherals for your Saifor-room.

NEW: ARCTIC 3.0: The Final Rack

Versatile and functional rack, capable of satisfying the needs of the most modern and demanding DCs. These 19” racks are manufactured following an approach that aims to optimize cooling and cable.

SAIFOR ARCTIC 3.0: The Final Rack

Designed to meet all data center challenges

This new Rack from Saifor delivers your final solution in: Adaptability, Evolution, Space, Tool-less & versatile, Intelligent Management & Accessories, Cable Management and Thermal Management.

SAIFOR ARCTIC 3.0 features

  • Maximization of rack top and bottom main cable entries.
  • Tool-less assembly and adjustment of accessories. Improved foot leveling system. Easier to use and more ergonomic. Casters included to facilitate transport.
  • Several positions for the depth of the 19” Mounts. Depth indicator marks.
  • Airflow neutralization system (Zero AirFlow). Up to a 77% increase in the door’s perforated surface. 81.5% of the door has perforation.
  • Full range of accessories for cable management (fingers, rings, optical fiber spools…). Wide range of doors and handles.
  • 1- or 4-point locks.
  • New ARCTIC V3 Doors: Lighter and Stiffer New versatile 19” Mounts.
  • Side panel with a single lock. Available with a lock that can only be accessed from inside the rack.
  • Compatible with the CUBO system, HDC cooling units and ARCTIC V2 racks.