Server Cabinets

Wall mount cabinets. A large range 19 inch wall mount and Soho cabinets for smaller networking installations. We are your supplier when it comes down to premium Saifor solutions and cabinets. Cameo Global has IT specialists in data centers, control rooms, control consoles, technical furniture, racks, cabinets and cabling management and project management.

Give you the best deal

Cameo Global helps big and small companies in purchasing your racks, cabinets and solutions from SAIFOR. We offer a best-price policy and make sure that you will make the best deal in pricing and a solution for your needs. Be sure to check out our pricing and get a free quotation.

Our best price policy
In addition to giving you the best purchase deal in Saifor racks and Saifor cabinets. We also deliver consultancy, implementation and maintenance peripherals for your Saifor-room.